Saturday, May 7, 2011

Be true to myself and follow my heart!

(se alguém precisar da versão portuguesa, é só dizer ;) )

Once my heart asked me to jump into the abyss... after some consideration, after looking at all the possibilities... I jumped and.... Uau!! it was amazing, I felt so alive.

After that first jump I jumped again... and again it was amazing. And every time I jump I feel more alive and allow myself to see more opportunities, more jumps ;)

My first jump was to quite my job and start a whole new life that I had no idea where it would take me, then I made the trip to Austria and Germany that I could not afford :D and then I jumped again: to live in beautiful Austria.

And now I realized that after jumping there is no turning back, not because it is not possible to undo the jump but because everything less then jumping into the unknown feels like small, feels like fear, feels like not living...

And here I am about to bring into reality my deepest dream: to let my light shine to the world and say what I have to say, say that I can and want to assist/facilitate others to connect with themselves.

But with it comes my deepest fears: what if I am not good enough? what if it does not work out? what will others say/thing about me?

My mind tells me: you can do other things for a living. Yes, I can do millions of things that would bring me money but I don't want to do it, I want to follow my heart, jump again, cross the fire of fear and self-doubt... because anything else feels like not living...

Enough of borders, of limits, of not looking at my fears... I want to do this with all my heart, from the deepest of my heart, with my all 4 hearts ;)

In the last days I have been receiving the message: be true to yourself. Through Lee Harris "May Energy Forecast" and Oriah's book "The invitation" (that I found by change).

Be true to myself and follow my heart!


Yerienn said...

you are good enough ;)
sei a coragem que é preciso ter para saltar para o desconhecido e seguir as nossas paixões...=)

Funny said...

Serás louca?

Louco é quem vive toda a vida infeliz e não tenta, não arrisca a ser feliz.

Loucos são todos aqueles que aceitam resignar-se ao medo, à escassez e à insuficiência... ao poder dos outros sobre eles...

Obrigado! É bom saber que há gente como tu no mundo! Obrigado! Muito Obrigado.


Sofia said...

Obrigada pelos vossos comentários, Yerienn e Funny :)

É bom saber que há mais alguém no mundo que pensa como eu.

Obrigada pela vossa partilha :)